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Why you need to conduct legal health check for your company?


A corporate established and operating in Vietnam is subject to certain legal statutory requirements. Conducting a basis legal health check will help you to confirm whether your company has been legally protected.

What are aspects a legal health check will review?

Below are the aspects a basis legal health check will look into.


1. Corporate Compliance

As required by Enterprises Law, depending on its form, the company is subject to certain legal requirements, including:

  • Obtain required licenses and permits for its business, such as investment certificate, enterprise registration certificate, operation license/permit (subject to kind of business).

  • Maintain corporate documents, such as company’s charter, shareholders/members registration book, appointment of board of management, board of directors, etc.

  • Organize shareholders/members/board of management meetings.

  • Other corporate compliance matters.

We will review the company’s corporate documents and confirm whether your company has fully complied with statutory requirements. If not, what you should have to do for compliance.

2. Employment compliance

To ensure the company complies with labour law and have sufficient legal safeguards, the following should be reviewed and confirmed:

  • Is the company required to register Internal Labour Rules (“ILR”) ? If yes, whether the ILR is available or complies with labor law.

  • Does labour contract template of the company comply with the law and protect the company at its best?

  • Has the company comply with labour reporting requirement?

  • Has the company comply with other labour requirements by law?

3. Contract templates

Subject to business requirement, the company may need to enter into certain kind of commercial contracts in daily operation, such as lease contract, sale and purchase contract, services contract, supply contract, distribution contract, etc. To facilitate the business operation, some of contract templates should be made.

We will advise you based on your current operation what kind of contract template your company should have.  If the contract template is available, we will review and confirm whether it is sufficient to legally protect the company.

4. Trademark registration

Trademark is considered as valuable intangible asset of  a company. It is therefore critical to review and confirm whether the company’s trademark has been legally protected.

How a legal health check may bring benefits to your company

After a basis legal health check is completed, you will be aware whether your company is in a healthy condition in terms of legal. If there is no action required, then it’s perfect. If there are some actions required, we are willing to support you with a separate engagement.


Our fee quotation

We would like to offer you our support for a basis legal health check as presented in Part B with a fixed fee of USD 999 excluding VAT and other out-of-pocket expense (if any).



Only from $999

exclude VAT and Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

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